One Two [Three] Four

With the new Bio Fuel model CCXR, and the presentation in Switzer-
land - that is, by the way, geographically situated between the Euro-
pean sports car nations France ( Bugatti ), Germany ( Porsche ) and Italy ( Ferrari, Lamorghini, Maserati) - Koenigsegg go a further, decis-
ive step to reach the top in terms of image.

Volkswagen on the other hand are most certainly going to strike back. There is talk of an evolution of their 16-cylinder super engine that is supposed to generate at least 1100hp - on a GT version. Neverthe-
less, making it a Bugatti-versus-Koenigsegg thing is a pretty clever tactic to establishing themselves as a distingusihed firm.

Regarding the CCXR, the Scandinavians claim a 0-100kph time of 3.2 seconds, Bugatti state 2.5 for the Veyron. And the Swedes say their car reaches top speed in excess of 400kph too. So far there's no prove that the CCXR evolution really achieves this, but Koenigsegg will surely supply an evidence very soon. Being fastest on the track is, however, a very different issue, there is more to it than sheer power.

Koenigssegg already handed out test cars of the previous stage to journalists to testify that the thing is more than just a one trick pony that only manages covering a straight line in a short time. Bugatti in contrast did not deem a journalistic track test necessary so far and is that way helping the Scandinavians to gain more acknowledgement and, reputation! Next >
Koenigsegg CC8S

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