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The Bugatti crew might currently be preparing another version but, as last month's occurrences show, there is no clear future strategy. For-
mer CEO, Mr Bscher, packed in his job as the VW bosses refused any means for a second model line which he deems necessary for the future of the brand.

These turbulences have also delayed the release of this editorial as the situation has changed shortly after completion of the works. Regar-
ding Koenigsegg, on the other hand, there is no talk about a new model and, making one is much more chancy for them than for the VW sister brand from France. Nevertheless they appear to be well on the way to get closer to Ferrari and Porsche - even though reaching them may take decades.

But, they already left competitors such as Saleen or Pagani clearly behind. No doubt, in these regards the small Scandinavian company can't afford too many mistakes and their economic potentialities shouldn't be overestimated however it's very remarkable how adamantly they keep up with the big ones.

Koenigsegg CCX - front

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