Lamborghini Murcielago by Hamann Motorsport

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Also Hamann's 'Edition Race' rim can be ordered for ones top-of-the-range Lambo. 20 inches measure the round Y-spoked multi-piece wheel, but also other design options are available. Another offering relates to the exhaust system: As the Murcielago has a centered large single end tip, Hamann offers a twin-tip solution for this place, which is linked to a sports silencer.

Furthermore it 'emits a sound similar to that generated from race tracks an- nouncing the arrival of the blood-curdling steer', as Hamann claim in the press release. Also interior can be customised, as it's not just about opening-style, but what the doors reveal! Besides covering seats and linings with leather, an 'eight-part carbon-look set' - as they name it - is offred. < Previous

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