Land Rover LRX Concept - front-side birds view

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Land Rover are going to show the LRX concept
at the Detroit Motor Show next year. The brawny yet sporty vehicle aims at tarmac cowboys who are looking for a sporty and stylish ride to cruise the urban jungle's boulevards. Basis for this is the new Freelander 2 however the 2-door is round 15cm shorter than the recent entry model.

A modern, clean and Landy-like design point unmistakably out its gentility. Land Rover is a premium brand and despite of their long tradition, the make is good for more modern approaches and derivations of off road vehicles. The LRX concept makes this clear - clear as crystal.

It might not have a coupe silhouette but the term is applicable though. Moreover, the wedge-shaped side profile looks much better than the odd BMW X6. The LRX, however, is two sizes smaller than the Bimmer. It's a car of the compact class.

Many companies are currently preparing models of this sort. With this concept, Land Rover show how their offering could look like and those who are working on an X1 or a Q3 should watch out, it's a looker - no embarrassing wannabe coupe, no copy of any original, it is an original! Next Page >

Land Rover LRX Concept - side view

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