Land Rover LRX Concept - side-front view

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Land Rover will introduce technical
details in Detroit but, they already announced to use features of the Land_e hybrid concept presented in 2006. Hybrid on a good looking compact crossover car!? Well, that's the future, that's tomorrow's softroader! With this thing, the Brits demonstrate that they're competitive.
Land Rover LRX Concept
Ford want to sell the com-
any and so the concept car targets at showing that investing on the make is worth it. And indeed, they have a reputable name, a long tradition, an expandable brand image for new cars in growing market segments, good ideas and up-to-date technologies. They are premium and that's what earning money on smaller lots takes.

Okay, there might be some problems for a buyer: First one is the widespread use of Ford components! The second is Jaguar! In spite of all this, there's a huge potential! So we'll keep our fingers crossed for the British off-road car specialists. It would be a pity when this promising, delicious concept - the sportiest premium tank ever seen - won't find its way on our road! < Previous

Land Rover LRX Concept - side-rear view

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