Aston Martin DB9 with Loder1899 rims

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That rim is also gettable for the Porsche Cayenne
and the VW Touareg. View more..!

wheels from Loder1899 for the DB9

The German tuning company Loder1899 presents a new 21" aftermarket wheel. It is available in two widths: 9.5 and 11inches. Thanks to hollow spokes it is 25% lighter than its competitors, as Loder say.

The advantage of super light wheels is that they reduce the unsprung masses which enhances ride comfort, however the effect is not neces-
sarily noticeable. Nonetheless this wheel is a good choice for those who want wheels that appear solid without having too much extra kilos.

For those who want to draw a comparison to other wheels we can give away a specification: The Loder hollow-spoke wheel in 11.x21inch weighs in at 15kg. But there is some more to come from Loder1899 in the next time.

right front wheel of the DB9 with Loder1899 rims

The company from Odelzhausen is currently developing more tuning items such as stainless steel exhaust systems, lowering kits, add-on parts and interior accessories not only for the DB9 but also other Aston Martin sports cars.

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