Lumma CLR 500 RS - rear-right view

Lumma CLR 500 RS basing on the BMW M5 For this, an H&R sports suspension
is used which lowers the car body of the flashy Five by approximately 40mm. But this is not the end of the reducing measures. Lumma have also decreased the number of exhaust end tips. Two instead of four release the fume now, each 115mm strong! The interior design of the show car carries on the features of the exterior.

This means, many interior parts are orange and from carbon, gauges are orange too and, one colour of the bi-colour leather upholstery is, of course, orange. However, pedals and foot rest are from aluminium and not orange! No doubt, the Lumma CLR 500 RS sticks out. It's gay and showy. Those who like this will surely fall in lover with the flamboyant rocket. And the others?

They shouldn't ignore the Swabian tuning company and should have a look at their range. Some offerings could be very becoming for less obtrusive cars. What about an engine styling kit. Lumma have even got this. It consists of carbon air filter housing and air collector as well as a cylinder head cover painted in, surprise, surprise: Red!

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