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A consequence of this could be that Maserati set their option a class higher by price and performance. The 405 horses of the new Grand Torismo are likely to mark a rate that won't be exceeded by the Brera-based sports car. In 2008, the Grand Torismo will go on sale as the latest newness of the house, in 2008. An open top version with retrac-
table hardtop will follow. The recent Quattroporte is underpinned by this platform, however, the Italians could use it once again for this models successor!

The luxury sports sedan will be available at the end of this decade. Up to this point, the future plans might justify calling Maserati the Italian Jaguar. But, one project could change it: An SUV or, as it is more likely, a crossover vehicle. The Kubang concept, introduced in 2003, did already point at such ambitions. Ever since many things have changed. The possible partners, Volkswagen and General Motors, are out of question today but, the South Europeans are still fancying a thing like that.

At least when some of the forthcoming contenders of the R-class hit big. Maserati could use some FIAT understructure for that project. It's yet far away and there are many uncertain points in the strategy as well as there are a lot decisions to be made for a successful line up extension, however, the exciting thing with the brand is the huge potential of it. It's up to the Italians to seize the chance. > Previous

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