Artits's impression of a modern 4-dr Maserati

< An artist's im-
pression of a 4-dr
Maserati basing on the coupe Grand Torismo

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Maserati, a division of the FIAT combine, might have a reputable name, but sister brand Ferrari set their sights lower. While the world's most legendary sports car maker is a leading house in luxury sports cars, Alfa Romeo, ano-
ther make of FIAT Auto, successfully operate in the segment of sporty mass-produced cars. Thus, Maserati is a niche make: And since it is hardly possible to reach the prestige of Ferrari, the Italian bosses focus on the Alfa territory when thinking about how to extend the model range.

Alfa Romeo definitely have an individual personality and a long-time tradi-
tion, however their strength is middle class cars. It should turn out possible to launch a small car - what they're currently intending to do - but, at higher a level, where labels matter much, their name is not prestigious enough to sell necessary amounts of cars. This could be managable by offerings with Maserati's nameplate.

Their company name is more premium than Alfa's which is why many Merce-
des or Jaguar drivers could take an alternative with this nameplate seriously. So the Maserati strategist deal with a derivation of the upcoming upper mid-
dle class car Alfa Romeo 169 and, they are also thinking about what the next Brera platform could be used for. While they don't run the risk of depriving buyers of Alfa with a baby-Quattroprte, a midsize two door car will possibly attract many Alfisti, as enthusiasts of the make are being called in Italy. Next >

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