Maserati Quattroporte by Novitec Tridente

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While Novitec specialise in refining cars of FIAT, Alfa Romeo and Lancia, Novitec Rosso is a sub-brand for Ferrari cars. Now the specialists extend their range by a label for Maserati tuning: Novitec Tridente. The name clearly refers to the logo of the Italian company while the offers include the experi-
ence and long-lasting tradition of the German house. This goes, as an example, for the exhaust system of the first car refined by Novitec Tridente: the sporty salon, Quattroporte.

Four end tips are standard on the car, but Novitec's replacment on the other hand, hint to the changes with the luxury sedan. They have also readjusted the electronic engine control. These measures increase the output of the 400hp V8 by 13 horses. A moderate rate, in fact, but driving a Quattroporte is not about keeping up with the fast Germans, but sticking out and enjoying a different approach. Regarding the chassis, Novitec goes usual ways, but on a high level.

An adjustable suspension and 20inch wheels change looks and driving manners to a sportier degree. Summing up the changes, they seem very little. Just four modifications aren't many considering the comprehensive range of other reputable tuners for high-end salons. In view of the fact that the Quattroporte is amongst the most exclusive and rarest four-door cars in the world, Novitec Tridente offer nothing less but turning a rare car into a unique one - and that's, for sure, more than enough! Next >

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