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Maybach have lately presented a Landaulet version of the 62 S which is just a further derivation of the 4-door sedan series. The Sindel-
fingen-based sister brand of Daimler AG would like to add a further model to the programme which is more than difficult as it has to help earning money instead of losing even more capital on the make. What can be done to make it profitable? Is there a solution?

Since main competitor Rolls Royce have already launched a two-door line, Sindelfingen prefer keeping themselves out of this segment. Instead they're checking the feasibilities of some 4-door models. And, the Mercedes-Benz programme has a lot of suitable platforms for that. But also a current Maybach model could be a basis for additional offers: A hand-built convertible of the short wheel base model 57 and a flatter derivation of it in Mercedes CLS-style.

The latter is said to be the more promising approach of both when it comes to the number of marketable cars but, it's very unlikely to be realised though. These cars could also base on the recent S-class, having even more parts of the Mercedes flagship. Albeit the idea would make it cheaper and it could also rise revenues, its acceptance is quite questionable. The trick could easily damage the exclusivity of the make and that way the brand's image. Read more on the Next Page >

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