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Admittedly, Maybach are not very likely to burn their fingers on such issues. Another option is the use of the R/ML/GL-class platform for an SUV of an individual exterior, which would be a novelty in this exclu-
sive market niche. The expensive luxury SUV Cadillac Escalade was a big success in America and the Near East but Maybach's approach would be at least thrice as expensive as the Caddy what impedes reliable forecasts of sales.

Hence also this project is very chancy. With the Ocean Drive concept, an S-class based four-door convertible, Mercedes have recently shown one of those vehicles considered for Maybach as a concept but they also found that customers want a convertible of this class to be a two-door car which was why the decided on an open top CL-class instead. Nonetheless, the idea could eventually be the one which will be realised, in a couple of years.

Being in need to bring out something new, Maybach could opt for realising this approach since it can be done as a hand-made special edition manufactured just by order and for a juicy extra charge. Then it would be nothing but a life-support measure for Daimler's luxury label. In the moment they do not intend to give up on Maybach. There is even talk of a second generation Maybach saloons! However, the drastic measures at Smart and the quick sale of Chrysler show how rapid the managers at Stuttgart act when attempts of rescue fail. Next Page >

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