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Shortly after their reanimation, Maybach seem mori-
bund. The S-models with more power have been the only sign of life past the presentation of the base model and the LWB option. A concept in the shape of a sports coupe by tire maker Fulda has point at another approach but the Germans did not dare realising this or any other model to keep up with the main competitor from the U.K., Rolls Royce.

The Brits have got a convertible in their line up and a coupe is soon to come. Main problem: Maybach don't sell enough cars for more different derivations. So, they present a Landaulet as a stopgap, a hand-built makeshift to put vitality on a tradition that's just artificially kept alive. Whereas the German press say that they are going to manufacture the thing, other sources claim Maybach will check whether there will be enough customers to invest on the car.

The expected price is around 1.1 Million of Euros. Thus, the car would set a new record: In the moment there's no other 4-door car on the world that's more expensive than the May-
bach Landaulet would be. Even though there will be hardly more than a few buyers, a third option would look good on the com-
pany's web site and so, they wouldn't stand there like a stuff dummy besides Rolls Royce, that awkwardly are a sister brand of Daimler's native arch-enemy, BMW.

On the other hand, Sindelfingen don't give up and are checking the feasibility of a further model line. But, that is - since a precondition is that Maybach will earn money on the offerings - hardly manageable in view of the anticipated numbers of sales. Nevertheless, as we deem the considerations interesting for our readers, we're soon going to bring out a feature on what Merce-
des-Benz cars come into question as a basis for a further Maybach model.

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