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Brabus have established a new world record, by means of their Bi-Turbo V12 engine. The 730hp-aggregate managed pushing a short Maybach through the air with a maximum speed of 330,6kph on the high speed circuit at Nardo, Southern Italy. No other ultra-luxu-
ry car is faster than the Brabus Maybach! Okay, the Teutonic tun-
ing masters hold a lot of records with their ingenious and compre-
hensive tuning solutions but, who's trying to break this record!?

Finally it is losing much of its meaning when there is no one else trying to surpass this speed rate. Another issue is the top rate for 4-doors in general. Of course, Brabus hold this record too, but there are also ones who would and will attempt to outperform the world's biggest auto tuning house. Next interesting test will be that of the C-class-based Bullit.

The thing has the same über-V12-motor but it is lighter than the CLS-based Rocket which have set the recent record of over 366kph. And, when it fits into the sedan, also the Estate version of the C-class could be powered by that 'world-record-machine'! So Brabus will also have the world's fastest station wagon. Well, it's truly impressive but, at the same time, predictable and thus a bit boring. Next Page >

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