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Mercedes C-class Estate by Brabus

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Mercedes-Benz C-class Estate by Brabus
Brabus present their latest newness in the new Black: White! How-
ever the trendy yet unspectacular paint might no attract the atten-
tion of prospective buyers, contrary to a rear-end.

It's about that of the new Mercedes C-class Estate, T-Modell, in German. Brabus display how their tuning parts for the C-class series 204 look on the all-new station wagon. Of course, also the engine upgrades of the house are obtainable for this version.

That goes for a wide range of wheels, exhaust systems, customised interiors as well as for the 3-year warranty. The stuff might already be known from the C-class sedan however it makes also the edition with the box-shaped end - despite of its colour - much more than just a white-bread car! Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepage