Mercedes protoptype at Stuttgart in the morning hours

Mercedes: What is that?


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Stuttgart, early morning! The cold harvest wind blew through the valley in which the Swabian state capitol is situated. It's too early for people to see it: A black disguised vehicle, un-
seen before! It bend to the right at a road junction in the matutinal twilights.

Experts may identify it as a Mercedes, but what model? The front looked a bit like that of the new C-class but it's a two-door car. The next Sportcoupe is going to get a nose like this, however, it keeps the side profile of the recent version while this one has a boot panel.

Gerd, who shot the video with his mobile phone, said the thing appeared significantly larger than a C-class. So his first guess was it's a next generation CLS. Only problem: It was a two door - the CLS will remain a 4-door sports coupe! After all there is just one thing that comes into question: the CLK Coupe.

It bases on the C-class but it focuses on the E-class segment. Usually we do neither report on disguised prototypes, nor we show videos but since this one has been taken by ourselves, we just make an exception.

Admittedly, the mobile phone's resolution is too low and the file is too much compressed too see many details. But we don't leave you out in the rain and have added a link at the right to a site with better pictures. If you would like to view the video though, just click > here..!

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