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Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster by Brabus

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Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster by Brabus
Bottrop, Brabus' home town, and Essen are situated in the Rhine basin and they are very close to each other. So it was no problem for the Mercedes experts to bring two world debuts to Germany's biggest auto tuning show.

Besides the all-new C-class Estate, Brabus present their programme for the Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster for the very first time. The open-top super car gets a little more power - 18kw or 24hp extra - by fuel cooling and other camshafts.

20 inch wheels, front spoiler and rear diffusor from carbon round out the exterior. This material can also be selected for some interior refinements - in additions to other options. Brabus even have a sports steering wheel for the McMerc in store. For more information just use the links of the box at the right. Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepage