Audi TT from Oettinger

Oettinger provides the new Audi TT with even clearer characteristics: Through the new design of the front apron with its two corners at the front-end spoiler and a genuine carbon chip, the specialists in Friedrichsdorf skilfully emphasize Audi's own design of the single-frame grill. The newly shaped lateral sillboards follow the sportive and elegant line of design, which then continues down to the rear diffuser. The diffuser offers sufficient space for the 4 exhaust tubes with their diameters of 89 mm each. All parts of the car body are manufactured from first-class RIM in OEM quality, such as our customers expect from Oettinger.

As regards the motor, Oettinger provides the TT with 2.0 TFSI motor performance, which is in line with the car's optical impression. Furthermore, the new motor mapping, the modified fuel-injection pump, and a K04-loader provide for 350 HP and 470 Nm. Of course, the high-gloss polished exhaust system in stainless steel with its sports converter efficiently contributes to this effect, just as the reinforced clutch system and driving disk. Furthermore, the exhibited vehicle shows an individually tailored outfit in Alcantara leather and - last not least - sports seats.

A particularly adapted, threaded, stainless-steel under-carriage secures the perfect grip of the new wheel-/tyre combination: the new Oettinger-type RXX wheels, which enjoy their world premiere mounted on the Oettinger TT in their 20" version together with the tyre equipment: VA 245/30/20 and HA 245/30/20. And thus the fabulous results for the Oettinger TT are: from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, and a maximum speed of about 270 km/h!

It goes without saying that the specialists from Friedrichsdorf also have other remodelling to offer: the 2.0 T-FSI may be tuned to reach 230, 280, or even 310 HP. > Go back..!

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