Porsche Panamera sketch

Porsche Panamera sketch by Enes Canay; small version

The main image
bases on a draft
from Porsche.
Here come two
further drawings
by Enes Canay
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Porsche are thinking over a lot of additional models, since they now have almost unlimited access to Volkswagen's components. But the development department at Weissach doesn't need to deal with such future strategies. Their focus is put on the new Panamera. The car is going to be manufactured at the Leipzig plant, whereas the engines will be made at Stuttgart
as the 4-door sports car will be powered by the V8 of the Cayenne.
Porsche Panamera label
Also the 10-cylinder power plant of the Carrera GT could be mounted on Porsche's fourth model line. And a 6-cylinder option is under consideration for the engine bay as well, however the model is likely to start with the 8-pot aggregates only. The fact that Porsche is experimen-
ting with some modifications of the V10 motor shows that the sports car maker will be prepar-
ed on a possible continuation of the German horsepower war. After all Stuttgart calls this model: Sport-Coupe.

But the trend could go in a very different direction soon. Less displacement and more power at lower fuel consumption are going to feature in tomorrow's petrol engines. This will apply, more than ever before for luxury cars and it isn't just Porsche's hard-to-please customers who expect cutting-edge-technology at its best from the house. That could be the time for a sophisticated dual-charged six-cylinder alternative: Powerful, revvy yet highly fuel-efficient at the same time! > Next