Volvo S60 T5 from MR Sweden Motorsport

The tuners of MR Sweden Motorsport cannot cease from the S60 T5 and introduce a further car on this basis, naming it Black Panther. Of course, performance and not colour is the crucial issue with vehicles of this sort. So the company did much to lure out some extra horses from the depth of the combustion chambers. On the list of modifications is another turbocharger, reprogrammed engine control, special spark plugs and optimised air supply.

This results in a power of 355hp. Considering the capacity of the recent BMW M5, it doesn't appear much but, a Porsche 911 Carrera S generates exactly this output. Sure, the sports car from Stuttgart Zuffenhausen takes a little less time than MR's Volvo does to reach 100 kilometers per hour.
Volvo S70 T5 from MR Sweden Motorsport

On the other hand, round six seconds for this job remains a decent rate for a four-door middle class sedan. Those who want to show the extra power can order the full range of aerodyna-
mics parts at the renowned Volvo enhancers. Others might settle for the 19inch 5-spoke alloy wheels and some interior refinements that can be purchased here as well. Whatever style is desired, Volvo drivers that seek for tuning should visit:

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