Porsche 911 (997) Turbo - rear detail

The leading Porsche tuners
from Leonberg offer awesome upgrades.
Gemballa's styling is more racy than TechArt's - in the engine bay things appear contrary! TechArt even change turbo chargers, putting emphasis on sheer power, while Gemballa focus on every-day-use-friendly torque increase.

Approaches might differ - a recent test
found that both are largely coequal in acceleration times but, it did also confirm that the Gemballa motor is more flexible and the one from TechArt not as responsive as this one.

A common feature of the beefed up
Turbos is their well-known surnames. They suggest technically accomplished conversions and provide extra prestige. Although, little less reputed companies such as Wendland and 9ff offer even more performance on their charged 911s.

Greater looks do speak in favour for
the offers of the established companies too, however, followers come closer in this regard. And, bhp rates are likely to pass the 600 mark with upcoming tuning stages of the artificially-aspirated flat-six. Says, the matter remains very, very interesting. We're gonna stay tuned to it.


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