Porsche 911 (997) Turbo from Gemballa - rear-left view

With their body parts for the 997 Turbo, Gemballa have reached the remarkable level of TechArt however their neighbours offer 30hp more for the top-of-the-line version of the legendary sports car from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

Nonetheless, 550hp peak power is enough to thrill occupants. 3.6 seconds from a stand still to 100kph might be round 0.1 second less than TechArt claim but, the Gemballa Turbo GT 550-called vehicle cranks out a torque plus of over 10%, in comparison to the competitor from the neighbourhood.

780Nm can be a clear advantage since flexibility also matters on the road. Top speed is 318kph - just a little more than the standard 911 Turbo's. The pa-
ckage can be rounded off, in addition to aerodyna-
mic tuning including a large rear wing, by parts for the interior, suspension items and larger rims.

A high-performance braking system is soon to come from the long-established Porsche tuning specialists too. They can be asked for all that via their Internet site: www.Gemballa.de


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