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Porsche 997 Turbo by TechArt - front-right view

The strange thing with Leonberg is that its name reminds one of a lion because 'leon' is the
Latin word for this animal whereas the town is not known for a cat of prey, but a dog breed. But the breeding was established to resemble a lion, because it is the town's heraldic animal. That's why the 'Leonberger' is a large yet agile and lively dog. Today dog breeding isn't amongst the essential local businesses.

However, inhabitants still know how to further improve a good basis. And since Stuttgart isn't far
away, Gemballa and TechArt are located in the small town in Wuerttemberg. Both now present hot-blooded 911 Turbos that have some lion-like traits. While TechArt were focusing on burst of speed, Gemballa's creation features feline lissomness. Read more on the recent Leonberg 'Porsche breeds' > Start here..!

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Porsche 997 Turbo by Gemballa - right-front view