Porsche 911 (997) Turbo from TechArt - front-right view

Recently we reported on the new 911 Turbo from TechArt, hinting to a lacking engine upgrade by saying: 'This won't be the last article on TechArt's offers for the 997 Turbo'. Now we can live up to this promise because the power pack is out.

The company enhances the output of the charged boxer-type engine to 580hp at 6000 revolutions per minute and 700Nm at 4,850rpm. This is being achieved by larger turbos, modifications with both air in and out takes - as well as, of course, an adapted engine control.

339kph top speed point at the fact that TechArt's 911 is amongst its kind's fastest. A claimed 0-100kph time of under 3.5 seconds is another hint to this. And, on top of that, the thing looks incredibly good. The combination of stylish looks and extraordinary performance is roughly 200,000 Euros.

More details on the range for the new Nine Eleven Turbo are available via the link to our previous editorial below or, more comprehensive and detailed, in the web site of the company: www.TechArt.de


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