Audi Q7 by Delta - front-right view


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DELTA isn't a VW/Audi tuner like the other companies in this feature. Nonetheless the firm is one of a great tradition - since it is well known as a manufacturer for bull bars and side fins of steel. These things are of course amongst the pieces offered for the all new Audi Q7. Hand made door handle covers and mirror covers can additionaly be orderd at the off-road car tuners. And as they specialise in reshaping tubes, they also make exhaust systems from stainless steel for the biggest SUV from Germany.

By the way, all items mentioned above are of this material. This doesn't apply for the wheels. Naturally they are manufactured by the use of aluminium. Apart from a 21inch rim and a 23inch super sleek wheel with hollow spokes, Delta is also offering a 22inch option from the 'British Design Guru Afzal Kahn', as the press release says. Last but not least this text announces that tuning for the diesel engine is to come. It will be 'more powerful than anything available to date', as Delta claim.

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