Audi Q7 by JE Design - right-front view

JE DESIGN specialise in styling for cars of Seat, Volkswagen and, of course, Audi. And the Q7 is amongst this brand's vehicles the tuners directed their attention to. In addition to some changes of the exterior that is in preparation at the moment, JE Design are providing power upgrade for the 3 litre diesel motor. For that they announce a plus of 52hp.

Since the standard power is 233hp, Q7 3.0 TDI pilots could command a herd of 285 horses when they opt for JE's chip tuning. Wheels and several exhaust components are going to round off the programme of JE Design for Germany's biggest SUV. As this is the only photo [ photoshop ] of the vehicle so far, prospective buyers should bookmark the URL of the company web site to see the rest after completion. .

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