Audi Q7 by Nothelle - rear-left view


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NOTHELLE present the most elegant option to pep up the Q7. The aerodynamic kit is obvious but not as showy as that of their competitors. And the good-looking 'Novedra IX Sport' called wheel in 22inch is a further highlight on the nothelle Q7. The company also offers more power for the 3.0l diesel. Chips of several characteristics are available for this motor.

Whereas the self combustion power plants do not exceed a rate of 300hp, the 4.2l V8 generates full 200 horses more by a supercharger. With its 500hp, the Audi Q7 4.2 from nothelle is as strong as the others appear to be. Altogether this is our favourite out of the four Audi SUVs in this feature. Not only because of the possible power, but also as it looks marvellous fine.

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