ol' style's comin' back

From time to time we write on new car styling trends, when we detected one. This time the detection relates to wheels. As alloy wheels became something usual on production models, people who purchased aftermarket rims wanted them to be bigger and wider than standard size. In these times, the round add-on parts were mainly silver. Later, as tyres' side walls couldn't hardly become even flatter, focus has been put on the finish.

Polished, chromium-coated or shiny dark surfaces replaced the usual silver paint in many cases. Now it seems there's a new tide: The old shapes. In those times as wheels had to be as large as possible, style changed too. Spokes extended to the outer edge of the rim suggested a big wheel, looking almost one inch larger than it actually was. And the five spoke design became predominant. Some of the recent creations of the wheel makers now go back to the old days' fashion. Means: More massive outer rims and multi- or cross- spoke layouts could be hip and hot very soon.

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