a selection of retro-style rims

Retro Wheels
> Alutec
> Borbet
> OZ Racing
> Ronal

> Smoor [ German only ]

Sure, the market might need alternatives and it will get them. But in the tuning scene, we think these old-fashioned pieces will get increasingly popular. Since so many cars out there run on stylish, fashionable rims, some fellows will be on the look out for things that stick out. So the old stuff could become popular and a new trend - maybe, in one or two years. Especially those who pilot pimped out or iconic cult cars older than 15 years could fall for coeval items.

Big names as well as companies of the discount sector have lately launched such old school stuff. OZ Racing from Italy introduced the Tribe Evo [ 02 ] that's looking as fresh as a gothic cathedral with its dark paint. If a cheaper option to this one is desired, the Spyke [ 04 ] rim from Alutec should be taken into account. Both feature a pronounced outer rim and a mini deep dish. Those who don't want a wheel that appears smaller than it is might prefer the classic and traditional multi-spoke wheels Borbet LS [ 03 ], ATS Taurus, AEZ Xylo or Ronal R39 [ 01 ].

In addition to the neo-retro stuff there are some real classics that are still available. Mainly OZ, AZEV, BBS and Smoor [ 05 ] have such things in their line-ups. And ATS recently discovered a niche in the market by relaunching some of their 1980's wheels. Check out the link list at the right to find out whether the new old ones meet your and your cars personality. If not, don't consider buying them, it would be just embarrassing!

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