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With this editorial, we provide a further article on stuff from Loder 1899. The Germans go for making a name for themselves as an Aston Martin refiner, trying to join the national league of leading tuning brands. Also with the Vantage V8, the items are as expensive as the sports car itself.

A Titanium Suspension System lower the ground clearance of the
well-shaped Britain to the level the driver desires. The same goes for gradient, pressure level and strut compression. The possibility of adjusting the suspension is 9,320Euros at the company from Bavaria.

5,900 units of this currency got to be spent on the exhaust system of the house. It includes a catalytic converter, is made from stainless steel, changes the sound of the engine - Loder promise a strident exhaust note - and, last but not least, it increases power from 385 to 405hp.

Aston Martin Vantage V8 by Loder1899 - front-left view

Matching the more sporty engine tune, front lip, rear diffusor and rear spoiler round off the looks of the car. Also an engine cover is avail- able.The Vantage has one as standard but, Loder's is lighter and from carbon fibre, as the other aerodynamic components.

The package is 4,680Euros. A wide range of wheels is also gettable at the company. Besides 21inch hollow spoke wheels, Loder 1899 offer 20inch options from the UK luxury tuner Kahn and an alternative for the winter month, measuring two inches less, means 18.

Round about 150,000 Euros cost the Aston Martin Vantage V8 refined by the Bavarians which is roughly 45,000 Euros over the standard model. That's a bunch of money for the upgraded Porsche rival but its exclusivity can't hardly be topped by any tuned 911.

Aston Martin Vantage V8 by Loder1899 - left-rear view

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