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Premium is no longer a matter of size and since Volvo have launched the Ford Focus-based C30, the club of noble hatchback compact cars has not only got a new member, it has also got its first non-German one.

No doubt, the newcomer is a designer piece, and that's doubtlessly one of those things which being eligible for a membership needs! But it did not keep the Volvo tuners of MR Sweden Motorsport from modifying it. With a body kit including a roof spoiler and the ASA five-spoke wheels in 18inch, MR plays the racy card.

Noticeable lowering by an adjustable suspension underscores that perso-
nality. 225 is the rate for the maximum in speed as well as for the power output - in kilometers per hour and horsepower respectively. The tuned diesel motor of the compact Volvo accelerates it in 7.5sec to the maximum speed for German country roads:100kph. From a standstill, of course!

Apart from a sports air filter, the extra power of 40hp is an outcome of a changed engine control. The press release claim that the diesel consumption is around eight litres per 100 kilometers, under racy use! However we suppose achieving the rate presupposes that the vehicle is not driven the provoking way it looks like.

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