Volvo XC60 and VW Tiguan as concept cars


The midsize crossover vehicle segment
is anticipated to be next years' most boom-
ing one. Almost every car maker plans launching at least one respective model to get its share off the rapidly growing niche. But for some car makers it could be more than just complying with requirements.

It's an opportunity for them to get closer to the highly reputed global establishment in the premium class: BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar. Whereas Mercedes-Benz and Audi are currently preparing offers for this class, BMW is reputed to be a pioneer with the X3.

The fact that Land Rover have already introduced the second generation of their compact SUV, the Freelander, remains largely ignored, unfortunately. Since pro-
spective buyers of such products are less conservative and younger than aver-
age purchaser, many hope for capturing market shares from premium car brands.

Cool designs and innovative details should allure the open-minded clientele. The most promising ones have more in common than just the first three letters of their names: 'VOL'! Both are also establishing very indi-
vidual design languages in the moment

- after excelling at the strictest Bauhaus architecture on cars in previous century's last decades. And the contenders are long-established and have good reputations. Volvo is known for solid and extraordinary safe cars, Volkswagen for mass-produced German workmanship.

Nonetheless, that never turned out enough for making their names sounding as promi-
sing as that of upper-class makes, such as Jaguar or Mercedes-Benz. With the SUV and the newer crossover fashion, the com-
petition is now being extended to segments beyond the classic tri-box layouts.

Here, trends and variability could be as decisive as the traditional values: Perfor-
mance, comfort and durability And, remark-
ably, the success of both the Swedish XC90 and the German Touareg had shown that the segment of expensive premium SUVs is a good territory for the two attackers.

Volvo XC60 and VW Tiguan side view

Both companies have recently introduced their new compact crossover vehicles in the shapes of concept cars and they were pretty close to the production versions. So we dare drawing a comparison yet before they are out. Our earliest pre-launch com-
parative editorial ever. > Read it

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