VW Tiguan Concept - front-right view

VW Tiguan Concept - left-rear view

Since the XC60 and the Tiguan were called concepts, some things may be expected to change before their launch. The Volks-
wagen's coloured tyres, for example.

Wolfsburg will replace them by monochrome, more ordinarily profiled rubber. Also the dark chrome plate around the grille is exclusive to the design study.

Headlights and fog lamps are going to be modified too. As well, buyers of the Tigaun will possibly have to abstain from some add-on parts of the concept vehicle.
At least, they got to transfer some extra money for them. The same goes for the rims. And, this will apply for option from Scandinavia too .

Chromium coated alloys won't be standard. The Swedes are also going to change lamps in the front, presumingly the exhaust end tips and the underfloor protection plates, before the XC60 goes into production.

The other steel parts of both car bodies, on the other hand, already show exactly what the stamping tools will do. > Next..!

Volvo XC60 Concept - rear-right view

Volvo XC60 Concept - left-front view

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