Volvo XC60 Concept - dashboard

Volvo XC60 Concept - instrument cluster

Very concept car-like, cabins are bonnily upgraded. Nifty features aside, they hint to the use of standard components - that's a pity, yet not surprising.

Volvo's concept is the more daring one here. Innovative things such as a sliding gear actuator, inspired by a mixer table's controls, as well as slotted seats look marvellously stylish.

However, in the dealers showrooms, the XC60 will largely have the interior of the C30/S40/V50 model series.
The 'VeeDub' will counter this by a bunch of parts from the recent Golf-line including the boring dashboard of the version with the surname 'Plus'.

The extensive use of leather and coloured stitchings enhance the clodhopping design, but without them and the nice sports steering wheel, its interior will be as bare as that of a delivery truck.

So a look into the Golf Plus does foreshadow what is to come and this is not really jaw-dropping > Next..!

VW Tiguan Concept - seats

VW Tiguan Concept - dashboard

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