VW Tiguan Concept - rear-left view

VW Tiguan Concept - front view

Nonetheless, the car from Wolfsburg is
the more stylish thing as a concept, thanks to fine details, chiefly with the exterior.

But when all those goodies will be removed, the rival from Göteborg could be the more exciting vehicle in the end.

The pimped out Tiguan concept could lose too much of its attraction while the appeal of the Volvo XC60 concept is decisively basing on a shapely car body that is very likely to remain untouched in the main.
And, that the previous C30 Design Study
has lost very little of its attraction as a road version, does speak in favour for the Scandinavian CUV too.

Audi and BMW should be afraid of a staggering XC60 to come. It won't make it easier for their crossover cars. VW's shrunk Touareg aims more at Mercedes than at those who focus upon dynamic styling.

So it could play in the league of the the upcoming MLK-class. Stuttgart will most certainly not be happy about this. < Intro

Volvo XC60 Concept - front-left view

Volvo XC60 Concept - right-rear view

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