Volkswagen Golf Variant RaVe 270 concept

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Volkswagen Golf Variant RaVe 270 Concept
Also Germany's biggest car maker try to attract attention on the tuning show at Essen. Despite of its misleading name, the shown concept car actually is a Golf GTI with an estate carbody and a tweaked engine. It also has four wheel drive that's taken from the R32.

An extensive audio system, nice alloys and exterior parts aim at making the Variant (Estate, Station Wagon) version palatable for Volkswagen fans that mostly deem the looks of the longer Golf too Asian. No doubt, tail lights and window line are not very VW-like.

Also the concept RaVe 270 - latter stands for 270hp - has the horizontal front architecture of VeeDubs to come, in contrast to the standard model's single frame grille. Volkswagen say the thing manages a standard sprint in under 6 seconds and ends up this exercise at 250kph. Tuning TelegrammeGet back to the homepage