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About one year ago we published an editorial on the colour white. Actually a white paint is as popular in Germany and Europe as a tax demand. Nonetheless we spotted some cars of this colour on the boots at the Leipzig motor show in last year's April. From that we inferred that it could be a trend to come, and we made an article about it.

Indeed, it seems to become a trend. Now also the German magazine 'auto motor und sport' published a report on that colour in their first March issue. And the approach was exactly the same as ours. But the motor magazine referred to the cars on the Geneva motor show and the feature came out eleven months after our article.

The new fashion will be admittedly a shimmering one, as the examples in the print mag show. White metallic and pearl effect paints are probably going to be all the rage not in this year but presumingly from 2007 whereas polished and chrome wheels will remain popular accessories. And what will be the trend after all that shiny surfaces? [ matt colours!!! ]

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