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First we thought we have to cut our coverage of the 2007 Leipzig motor show AMI. But then, just by chance, we could capture the event with 2 photographers. In the galleries here, we present - out of roughly 1,000 shots - the 171 best images, all available in full size. Check it out!

All Cars at Once
In other words, 92 thumb-
nail pictures: A fast Inter-
net connection is strongly recommended! > click..!

Cars by Make
> Audi & Alfa Romeo
> BMW & Mini
> Maybach & Mercedes
> Porsche & SAAB
> Volkswagen & Volvo

> Introductory Report
> Special Exhibition
> Curios and Flaws
> Fair Hostesses

Artistic Desktop Wallpapers
32 artistically shot details as desktop wallpapers: Not only they're offering some space to arrange the icons, they also made our AMI coverage well-known. > click..!

Special Exhibition
Cars with gull wing and scissor doors come in this gallery. > click..!

Fair Hostesses
No doubt, they're a main attraction of the show : The girls! > click..!

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