Scissor doors for the new Audi TT


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LSD, the high quality scissor door hinge maker are perma-
nently extending the range of applications. New models are one reason for that. And as Audi's super cool new TT is very likely to become a popular tuning basis, the Swabian company is now offering a kit for this one too.

In contrast to previous examples, this time the hinge makers present their latest product on a 'well-tuned' show car. Admit-
tedly, Ingolstadt's compact coupe doesn't need many changes to be a looker and so a set of Oxigin wheels and lowering - probably by KW thread chassis, as LSD is belong-
ing to KW Automotive - turn out enough for that.

Besides wallpapers of the show car, we have also added a link to an editorial on a side impact crash test with an LSD doored TT on the Audi enthusiasts website as well as one to some videos of the test [German navigation]. Just check it out at the right column.

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