All-new 3-series with G-power Silverstone Diamond wheel (Click the image to visit the G-Power website)

BMW tuner G-power has a tradition of 3 decades but there is no wheel they are known for, unlike Brabus, Carlsson, TechArt Schnitzer or Alpina. With the new Silverstone Diamond wheel this could change. This wheel is distinctive although it has some design cues of legendary wheels for BMW cars. How-
ever, the G-Power creation is a combination of the best ones and so it goes well with the vehicles. Also in technical aspects, the wheel fits BMW cars since it is approved for the use of run flat tyres. BMW drivers can replace their standard rims with Silverstones from 18 to 21 inch in diameter and 8.5 to 10 in width.
G-power Silverstone Diamond wheel

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