The new Carrera Wheels in 18 and 19inch

Porsche Special 2008

911 Carrera

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The new Carrera Wheels

With the revision of the 997, Porsche also launch two new wheels, as the press photos and the wheel configurator at the micro page show. Continuing previous design's filigree layouts, both allow looks at the brakes.

Considering that lots of money can be spent on braking systems at Porsche, it seems obvious that many 911 owners like exhibiting this kind of acquisition. For that, the latest edition of Stuttgart's best seller come with two new stunning double spoke wheels.

However, the 18inch Carrera IV design just has twin spokes in a broader sense. It reminds one a bit of the classic Fuchs wheel, but also of some other modern Porsche alloys. Closest example ist the 17inch Cayman wheel. It looks like as if the designers have cut out this wheel's spoke's inner parts parallel to the outer edges.

2008 Porsche 911 Carrera - Wheels

The larger 19inch option, the Carrera S II rim, appears pretty known at the first glance but the integration of the screw holes in the spokes makes it unmistakable though. Additional to the new alloys, four already known designs are still available. Have a closer look at all that via Porsche's website for the car. The next page includes the link to it: ->

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