Mercedes-Benz with 22in wheels from Lorinser

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Mercedes-Benz with 22in wheels from Lorinser

After Lorinser's new SL, we've got some more news from the German Mercedes tuning house. They now offer their distinctive RS 9 wheel in 22 inch for the current Merecedes flagships: The S-class and the coupe derivation, the CL-class.

According to their press release, Lorinser are the first who have got the SUV format officially licensed for the Mercedes top-of-the-range cars. Tyres from Michelin in sizes of 275/25 ZR 22 at the front and 295/25 ZR 22 at the back are approved for the 10 inch wide rims.

Big is beautiful with wheels, but, too big appears odd! At first the diameter sounds pretty disproportionate but a glance at the images points out that it's absolutely suitable. Brabus have lately introdu-
ced this combination too and
it looks good as well.
Mercedes-Benz with 22in wheels from Lorinser
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