Mercedes S-class by Brabus with Monoblock S

Brabus Monoblock VI - click here Brabus Monoblock E - click here Brabus Monoblock S - front view - click here

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22inch S-class by Lorinser

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22 inch wheels for the S-and the CL-class by Brabus

Like Lorinser, Brabus are now offering 22 inch wheels for the S- and the CL-class too. But there are three options to chose from at Brabus. All are monoblock alloys. Besides two with double spoke layout, also the 9-spoke design E can be ordered in this size. See more at the selection panel at the right. The width of all options is 10. The rim could be fitted with tyres 275/25 ZR22 at the front
and 295/25 ZR22 at
the rear axle.
Mercedes S-class by Brabus with Monoblock S

Alu Fenders for the S-class by Brabus

For the S-class, the tuners at Bottrob now also have got aluminium front fenders with air outlets and carbon inserts. A brace with a Brabus signet makes clear from what company the component, or the car, is. Integrated LEDs behind the brace illuminate the carbon surfaces and attract additional attention to the the fender which replaces the standard part.

Alu front fender for the S-class by Brabus

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