Porsche Cayenne GTS at the Leipzig motor show 2008

AUTO MOBIL INTERNATIONAL - Leipzig Motor Show 2008

In our home town, Leipzig, this year's biggest motor show in Germany is taking place. Till Sunday, April 14th, international car makers and service providers present their offers to motorists and interested persons from Germany, but also Poland and Czech.

While world debuts and spectacular concept cars are introduced at Detroit, Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt, the Automobil International focuses on tangible attractions for prospective customers.

Vehicles of round 20 car makers can be test driven at the 18th Leipzig motor show. There are, in addition to this, an off road parcours and further driving events and challenges.

Also this time, we will report on the show. Even though it will not be possible for us to cover the event as extensively as we did it last year, we will provide a big bunch of high-res shots - those photographic stuff our readers know and expect from us.

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