Audi RS6 with adjustable springs


Audi RS6 by MTM

KW adjustable springs for the Audi RS6 Avant
After Audi RS6 upgrades from Abt, B&B and MTM, the renowned suspension maker
KW now present an interesting aftermarket solution for the German's all-out wagon evolution: Adjustable springs! The system works similar to a coil over suspension. The position of the upper spring seating can be adjusted.

All functions of the standard suspensions remain intact. This also goes for the optional Dynamic Ride Control which offers three ride characteristics. Lowering ranges from round 10 to about 40mm. This may seem not much at first sight but since the RS 6's ground clearance is lesser than that of the the normal A6, it is more than enough. By the way, with this year's facelift, Audi lowers all A6s by 20mm as standard!

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