Bentley Arnage Final Series - Exterior

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With the Arnage, Bentley offers an automotive dinosaur. Not only because of its size and its massive appearance but also because it has been launched in the last millennium, in 1998. If it would be a mass-produced car, it would be an old construction.

Bentley Arnage Final Series

In the ultra luxury segment, life cycles are longer but Volkswagen seem to draw the curtain soon, as the name of the model's recent edition suggests: 'Final Series'! It features a long list of enhancements, meaning additional equipments compared to the standard model.

The exterior has got a set of fine, distinctive 20 inch wheels, besides further less striking details. Collectors or lovers of more classic car design could order one of the 150 units produced. In case you're one of those interested in the offering, we prvides some further information on the car at the next page Click >

Bentley Arnage Final Series - Interior

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