BMW 1-series Cabriolet with pasted bagdes

They must be joking with us

Although it seems at first sight as if the car has a three pointed star on its bumper, it is no Mercedes-Benz. Its manufacturer has pasted over the badges of the trunk lid to conceal of what make the vehicle is. The same goes for the center caps of the wheels.

Incomprehensibly they have also mounted a license plate frame with the inscription: 'BMW Niederlassung Leipzig . Filiale Werk Leipzig' which says that the vehicle has most certainly been registered by the official BMW branch at the BMW factory at Leipzig.

And we have two further hints that could help revealing its identity: It has round logos and looks like a 1-series convertible. Those who unravel the mystery about this thing can win nothing but are pretty clever riddlers! Seriously, we don't know why BMW concealed the logos of this car which we've shot on the way back home from shopping!

It may not be on sale yet however lots of magazines have already presented it completely undisguised and everybody knows how a 1-series looks like! Was it just scratch protection? The protective film used in the factory, at least, is very different to this black ugly tape! Are they joking with us?

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