G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane
G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane

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BMW tuning house G-Power present 2008's first tuning car - a tweaked M5. And the technical data are amazing: 730hp and 700Nm sound astonishing. It is the world's fastest Bimmer, its top speed is around 340kph, says G-Power.

To achieve the extra power of 223hp, a belt-driven supercharger and intercoolers have been added to the M-motor but also its mechanics and the engine control are comprehensively modified. This might make thermal load manageable however the mechanic stress of such a performance upgrade is immense.

Time will show whether G-power achieve a reputation as producer of impressively powerful yet reliable tuning conversions! This will be a long way to go. Amazing data alone are not enough and the proof of the promised performance in a high speed test is yet to come, hopefully!

G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane - details

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