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At Paris, Lamborghini introduced their own approach to the currently very popular luxury 4-door sports coupes, the concept car Estoque. The name is Spanish and means: Push dagger. But reportedly there is another phonetic interpretation of it in this language, meaning something like: 'eh?', 'what?'.

Any questions? Yes! Not only enthusiasts of Italian cars might ask themselves whether it's intended to roll on these world's roads in the form of a production model one day!? In this regard we haven't heard a word of the officials of Audi who own Lamborghini.

Those who possess Audi, Volkswagen, have said in the person of CEO Winterkorn, that no production is planned. And, Porsche, the owner of Volkswagen, on the other hand, wouldn't hardly be happy about a further direct competitor to their soon-to-come Panamera.

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If cars aren't bought as collectibles, additional models in the market reduce the lots per produced model. With Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes and Porsche, this small market niche will soon be well-covered by prestigious brands.

To make matters worse, the current global economic situation seems not suitable to rise the industry's bosses' readiness to assume any risk, just to put it mildly. Those who regret that chances are that bad for this Lambo might possibly take comfort in the expectation that the Estoque is introducing some styling details of future Lamborghinis.

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Some sources claim the
Estoque would be the first four-door Lamborghini ever. Experts however know that there previously was a Lambo with this number of doors available, the off road vehicle LM002. And, we already dealt with this approach at a time when one Aston Martin Rapid and the Porsche Panamera were nothing but rumours. The designer Enes Canay had created a respective concept featuring an unusual door layout. You want to see more? Okay! Here it comes>

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