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Some car makers sell mobility. Others are additionally offering lifestyle, luxury and pleasure. That is mainly applying for brands of a special personality. And this takes identifying features. Whereas rear views seem exchangeable, most front ends clearly point at the label of those vehicles.

But since fashion changes, the design of cars has to be adapted to it. And, some even want to be a trend setter. That is requires combining the characteristic looks with modern approaches - without violating tradition at the same time. Meaning, it is a ticklish issue!

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The manufacturers use to introduce significant changes on concept cars to test their acceptance or to 'acclimatise' public to things to come. We here present three examples of BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen which are anticipated to foreshadow looks to come. ... Start Tour >

Here comes what will feature the faces of the cars of other European premium, luxury and sports car makers.

A s t o n M a r t i n
We haven't heard or seen anything that would indicate changes. In any event: The grille's characteristic lines will remain untouched.

A u d i
After the revolutionary single frame grille, the car maker is now anticipated to bring out just further variations of the thing. Plus, as usual, the striking LEDs day driving lights.

F e r r a r i
Actually, the characteristic feature of the Italians' cars is their colour! No shape is as typical for their cars as red! Meaning, we will see a new nose soon.

J a g u a r
The Brits have recently launched a radical new face with the FX. In addition to how buyers accept this, the matter depends on what the new owner Tata dare and afford.

M a s e r a t i
With the coupe GT, the FIAT division has established a new design and forthcoming models will continue with this, including the fronts.

P o r s c h e
The upcoming Panamera are going to feature a typical front. There will only be evolutionary changes with the cars. No revolution awaited.

With the latest updates, the GM division has extended the characteristic grille frame to the lamps. Not only it is unmistakeable, it will also feature SAAB's of years to come.

V o l v o
The Swedes are going to continue with the typical design, featured by a pronounced grille. Shapes will be a bit softer and the logos larger! Nothing more than this is to come, reportedly.

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